Wellcome Collection Painting [Day 7]

Image of Wellcome Collection Painting [Day 7]

During July 2018 I was commissioned by by an organisation by the name of Wellcome Collection. In this commission I told the story of moving house from my own perspective through 7 paintings and a written piece to join.
This was the final painting of the set and was the only one created on this medium. Day 7 was about the sense of hope I felt having a new space for my partner and me and is a painting I treasure.

The vibrant burst of colour in this piece would be a fine addition to anyone's wall and is perfect for those who wish to view it drinking wine and stroking their beard from a leather sofa. [Art degree not required]

Purchasing this piece will require the work to be sent via courier since of its size and how fragile the work is.
[Keep this painting out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources as it can cause damage to the ink and possibly can lose the colours pigment over time]

Please allow up to three weeks for the work to be prepared and posted.

Originals have postage set for UK addresses but if you happen to live overseas and you are interested in purchasing then please get in contact for details and prices.