A4 Limited Edition Legacy Prints [Catherine, Grenda and Richard]

Image of A4 Limited Edition Legacy Prints [Catherine, Grenda and Richard]
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For those who prefer the taste of fine art on their palate rather than that peasant paper, Messy Miscreation presents to you the A4 legacy prints. These aren't your everyday prints as they are some of the first designs ever to grace this store. All nine of the designs are printed onto 120gsm Fine Art grade paper so you can stroke the art elitist ego within.

A4 legacy prints are from a series of nine original paintings focusing on the relationship people have with mental health. Samuel, Liz and Clarence were painted using drawing inks onto A3 Perspex and detailed with paint pens during Spring 2016.
These prints are limited to the small amount of stock that is available. They won't be around forever as eventually their stories will fade with time. Grab them while you can.

These prints have been made Legacy prints which means this is the last chance they will be available on the store as they will soon leave to make way for new stock. This also means all three designs have been reduced down to just 10 of each design left.

Each print is signed and numbered 1 to 20 on the front right corner. This print has a small white border.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery in the UK.

Please allow up to 5 weeks for delivery outside the UK.