Chunky Prints: Choice of 4 [Legacy Print] A3

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Do you find yourself thinking that big is better? Here at Messy Miscreation we agree with that statement but only if you are talking about these prints.

These four trouble makers are a set of prints from my first ever series of anxiety monster paintings from 2015 while completing my third year of University. It seemed only fitting to start off the first ever set of prints with a big bang so here we have the A3 Chunky prints.

These limited edition of 50 per design prints come in four flavours, Derek, Timothy, Mary and Harold and come with the number and signature on the reverse. This is set is a piece of Messy Miscreation history and will never be reprinted at A3 ever again.

Prints originally sold at the National Autistic Society's Autism Convention in March 2016 and since have travelled the country with me at every event I have ever attended.

This A3 quality digital print has been printed onto 120gsm paper with a satin finish. These LIMITED EDITION prints have been signed and numbered 1 to 50 on the reverse side. This print has no border.

All four designs have reduced to just 20 of each design left as they are now legacy prints. These will eventually leave the store to make way for new designs and products in the store. This means they have also been reduced from £20 each to £15.

Prints at this size will not be reprinted.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery in the UK.

Please allow up to 5 weeks or International Shipping.